• My experience at Studio Technique was extremely rewarding. From Anatomy to Character Design, each session was exciting, every new technique and drawing lesson taught by Samantha helped develop my drawing style and my comprehension of design.

    Arnaud K.
    Character Modeler
  • The experience I had gained here was exactly what I was looking for. Professional, clear and instructional classes that helped me to sharpen my drawing skills. I would recommend these classes to any budding artist or already established professional.

    Allan T.
    Animation Director
  • It would have taken me years to acquire the formal training I got from just one of the Studio's classes. Thanks Samantha!

    Egale D.
  • I consider having discovered Studio Technique as an incredible opportunity for me. With the different courses I took, I learned how to work with fundamental academic techniques that I was missing to fully realize and express myself in my work.

    Simon L.
    Artistic Director
  • The techniques that I’ve learned with Sam have really helped all aspects of my drawing, not just life drawing. Also, as a character animator I feel the class has opened up my eyes and taught me how to observe life around me to bring to my characters. Thank you Sam!

    Richard W.
    3D Animation student
  • The undeniable experience and enthusiasm of Samantha Youssef allowed me to progress confidently and quickly. I can now better understand the work of my animation colleagues and can better assist them in their work.

    Carlos V.
    Character T.D.
  • Learning the articulation of the different parts of the body helped me to better position the characters that I create through my clay sculptures, to bring out balance, movement, life and dynamism. Thank you for this valuable contribution to my work as a portrait sculptor.

    Jean-Pierre B.
    Portrait Sculptor
  • Samantha's teaching technique is very clear and consistent, beside showing that she is very knowledgeable with a very inspiring attitude. I highly recommend.

    Marcos O.
    3D Animation student
  • My experience at Studio Technique helped me rediscover animation, something that I now really enjoy doing. Samantha is an amazing teacher, who's generosity and knowledge inspire the will to go beyond what you believed you could.

    David V.
  • Samantha's extensive knowledge of both animation and drawing, and above all her patience and clarity in teaching have made these classes at Studio Technique one of the best investments I've ever made. I wish these classes were offered when I went to school and did my training.

    Bianca S.
    Feature Film Animator
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the progress I accomplished in the 10 week courses. Samantha Youssef is one of those rare teachers that possesses a mastery of technique and is able to transmit that knowledge.

    Antonin M.
    General Artist 3D
  • Thanks to you, I have found precious answers to this lifetime study of art, and the workshops at Studio Technique gave me a new life in this difficult but incredible discipline.

    Camille L.
  • Studio Technique's drawing classes let me learn artistic anatomy in a way that books could not. I could assimilate the importance of gesture and the anatomy landmarks that let us better analyze and understand the human figure. I really enjoyed this learning experience which helps me build better characters every day at work.

    Carlos V.
    Character T.D.
  • I learnt more in 10 weeks of Animation 2 at Studio Technique than in years of animation classes at University. Samantha teaches amazing stuff you will not find in any books. Most importantly though, animation has become really fun again.

    Geoff C.
    Animation Instructor
  • Samantha has high standards and I found a lot to learn from her technique and way of approaching drawing the human figure. I also appreciated she made the class smaller and could then spend more individual time with each student.

    Guillaume T.
    Character Artist
  • The classes I took at Studio Technique helped me gain a stronger and deeper understanding of animation. They made me discover the joy of 2D animation, and allowed me to push my art to a higher level of quality.

    Claire G.
    3D Animator
  • Samantha Youssef is a great artist and coach who brings depth and sensitivity to practical matters. She can bring to any project a sense of audacity and beauty that has no price. I’ve learned more in the last 8 months at Studio technique than I did 2 years in college.

    Sanchirmaa P.
    Animation Student
  • We are so lucky to have a place like Studio Technique in Montreal. This is by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. Samantha has a great way to transfer information. We can feel her passion. I fell in love with animation, learning and practicing this art.

    William J.
    College Animation Instructor
  • The sessions are really great and Sam knows how to adapt to each artists' level so everyone can get the maximum benefit from her courses without feeling frustrated.

    Simon L.
    Artistic Director
  • Studio Technique offers the best live drawing class in Montreal, I’ve learned more in only 6 sessions than in my 3 years in University. Keep up the great work!

    Omar M.
    Senior Animator
  • I have a background in fine-arts, and was at first skeptical about Samantha's methods, but when I saw her drawing live in front of me, I was humbled and was convinced that I have a lot to learn from her.

    Fred N.
    Web Developer
  • You can learn a lot from Samantha as she is well-traveled, knowledgeable, and she's as artsy as she is Hollywood pro. If you're in any of her classes, you'll be getting top industry information you won't be able to get even in books. Don't pass it up!

    Raphael R.
    Cartoon Animator
  • Taking classes with Samantha has simply been an amazing experience! Sam's approaches to Character design, Layout, Animation and Life Drawing changed the way I perceived drawing and gave me the tools I needed to improve on my own as well.

    Jean-Samuel R.
    Animation Student


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Samantha's uniquely designed Figure Drawing series, combines her experience from 2D feature animation, academic drawing, and classical ballet.

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Masterclasses and Artistic Training

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about Studio TechniqueAbout Studio Technique

Studio Technique is a studio for professional artists looking to improve their skills as well as a training ground for young or amateur artists. The training offered focuses on drawing, animation and artistic development. Our chief mandate is to provide a strong foundation in drawing...

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about Studio TechniqueAbout Artistic Director

Samantha has worked as a character animator for Walt Disney Animation, as well as other reputable companies such as Yowza Animation, Filmax, and Ubisoft cinematics. She was an award winner at the Toronto Film Festival for her animated short film La Fuga Grande.

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